Who we are

Hoverpro is India’s no. 1 mobility solutions company, specializing in self-balancing scooters. We began development in 2014 and is now the go-to retailer for self-balancing scooters. We have the largest model range with top of the line features and latest technology. Our Motto is to build safe products at economical prices.

Why we matter

Hoverpro products have been developed after extensive research and are specially customized for the Indian market. Our scooters blend the best features in the market with unique safety measures and entertainment kits. The Hoverpro product range includes scooters for both indoor and outdoor use, for beginners as well as for more advanced users.

What we promise

Hoverpro promises a scooting experience like no other. Our rugged self-balancing scooters look good yet hover over tough Indian terrain with ease. Hoverpro stands for reliability, durability, safety, ease-of-use and, of course, fun! Hoverpro users are also provided end-to-end customer support for purchase and post-sale service. All products comes with warranty.