Hoverboard Buying Guide

Hoverboards are NOT all the same, even if they look similar. The quality of parts and internal components vary greatly among Hoverboard brands. That is why cheap discount Hoverboards use chea wheels, need constant re-calibration, and often break within just a few months, while quality-built Hoverboards can provide years of fun.

Which Hoverboard is Best for Me?

Customers often ask which board is right for them or their kids. Here we will try to answer many of the common questions to help you make the right decision. You may also be interested in reading our Frequently Asked Questions section.

What Hoverboards do you offer?

We currently offer four different Hoverboard models:

  • H6 – our most popular model with 6.5″ wheels, offering fantastic value for money and a great all round experience. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use on flat surfaces, the H6 is suitable for those 8 years and over.
  • H8 – the larger 8″ wheel diameter makes the H8 hoverboard ideal if you want a little extra power to use your board on rougher terrain while enjoying the same versatility as the H6.
  • H11– our largest model has 11 inch inflatable wheels. This gives it the ability to traverse rugged terrain as well as providing the support for heavier riders.
  • H9 Off-Road – this is the ultimate off-road Hoverboard, with 8.5 inch solid off road tyres. It can handle virtually any form of terrain.

What size do I need?

The size you choose depends on your requirements. The H6 may be most suitable for younger and less experienced riders, while those wishing to ride outdoors on anything other than a flat surface may prefer to choose the H8 or H11 with larger wheels. If you are interested in off-roading through grass & gravel, the H9 Off-Road board might be perfect for you.

Am I too heavy to use a hoverboard?

The maximum user weight for riders on the H6 and H8 is 120 Kgs. The H11 and H9 Off-Road can support a rider up to 110kgs.

Is there a minimum weight requirement?

You need to be a minimum of 20 Kgs to use any of our Hoverboard models.

Solid wheels or inflatable wheels?

Solid wheels are usually smaller. While they are sturdy and hard wearing, as a rule, the larger the wheel, the easier it is balance on uneven surfaces. Our H6 model should only be used to flat surfaces. Our H8 Hoverboard provides more stability and can handle slightly uneven surfaces.

However, the 11” inflatable wheels of the H11 model provide more stability and versatility, allowing it to function or grassy and uneven surfaces easily. Additionally, the H9 Hoverboard has extra wide solid rubber all-terrain tires which have been specially designed to allow you to travel on virtually any type of surface.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

For all of our models we recommend that riders be at least 6 years or older.

How fast do they go?

All of our models have a similar top speed of up to around 20km/h

How far can I travel on a Hoverboard?

Many of the discount Hoverboard brands you find at big box stores and Amazon, have much smaller capacity batteries to cut costs (as the most expensive component of a Hoverboard is the battery pack). These Hoverboards often only last a couple miles of riding and can only be charged ~200 times. However, all our Hoverboards use the latest high capacity batteries which will provide good lifetime 700 Lifecycles.

Do they have any additional features?

All of our Hoverboards come with integrated Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music on the go.