Hoverpro is one of the top hoverboard brands in India and provides quality repair service at an affordable price.

Our team of hoverboard repair technicians provide full service and maintenance support for Hoverpro self-balancing scooter.

We not only fix self-balancing scooters of all brands, but we also keep a full inventory of spare parts so we can guarantee expert repairs within a short period of time.

We have technicians and engineers that are experts in the field. We typically turn things around in 48 hours or less.

Send us the hoverboard, freight prepaid, and we'll fix it the next day. Alternatively, you can walk into our service center and we'll fix it right there the next day.

We pride ourselves on our quality service and customer satisfaction. All repairs are done with genuine OEM parts, so you get faultless performance.

We are located in India with an established presence so you can buy and use Hoverpro knowing we are here to help you.

Do it Yourself Hoverboard Repair guidance also available.

Hoverpro is a hoverboard parts store that seeks to empower hoverboard owners who don’t want to spend more money than they have to when a broken hoverboard is not working. The key to keeping hoverboard repair costs lower is to learn how to repair a hoverboard at home. There is no need to hire a hoverboard repair service when you could learn how to fix a hoverboard that's not working in less than 10 minutes. Whether you are an aerospace engineer or an amateur with a screwdriver, we offer resources to help you repair a self balancing scooter quickly and painlessly, all from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t want to pay to ship your 10-12kg scooter on top of repair fees and parts costs, we are here to accommodate. All you do is order the hoverboard parts and we show you how to fix it. No matter what you order, we send your hover board parts in the mail quickly. Now, get ready to learn how to fix a hoverboard because fixing problem like a hoverboard that won't stay on could be as simple as a hoverboard battery replacement, or when a hoverboard won't balance it simple needs a new circuit board, and other easy hoverboard repair services.

We Fix it ALL

All Below Problems can be fixed by either our videocall support or offline support :

  • Unbalanced Ride or Needs Reset (Hoverboard ride in unbalanced)
  • Does not Turn On at all. (Hoverboard is not turning on)
  • Water Damaged Hoverboard
  • Broken Frame Hoverboard
  • Broken Plastic Housing Body shell of Hoverboard
  • Red Flashing Light Hoverboard
  • Damaged Charging Port
  • Change the Hoverboard Battery
  • Problem Gyroscope sensor
  • Hoverboard is Not Turning Off.
  • Bluetooth and Led lights problem
  • Broken Charger
  • Hoverboard motor problem
  • Hoverboard wheels not moving