H6 Eco White

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H6 Eco White

H6 Eco White

Rs. 18,999.00 Rs. 8,999.00

H6 Eco White

Rs. 18,999.00 Rs. 8,999.00

Free Accessories: Charger and Remote

Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly connect your smartphone or other compatible devices via Bluetooth to the Hoverpro H6 Eco. Play your favorite music through the integrated speakers while cruising around, adding a fun and personalized touch to your ride.

Remote Control Convenience: Effortlessly control your hoverboard’s movement and functions with the included remote. Enjoy the freedom to switch modes, adjust speed, and power on/off your hoverboard at your fingertips.

6.5-inch Tyres for Smooth Rides: Equipped with durable 6.5-inch tyres, this hoverboard ensures stability and smooth maneuverability on various terrains, providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Powerful Motors for Performance: The H6 Eco features powerful motors that offer efficient acceleration up to 12km/h, allowing for agile turns, climb inclines up to 20 Degrees, and precise control while riding.

Safety Features: Built with safety as a priority, this hoverboard includes LED lights for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions and a reliable self-balancing mechanism, providing stability and control for riders.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Enjoy extended riding sessions on a single charge, thanks to the long-lasting battery, ensuring hours of continuous fun without interruptions.

Sleek and Lightweight Design: With its sleek design and lightweight construction, the Hoverpro H6 Eco is easily portable and convenient to carry, making it perfect for commuting or leisurely rides. Perfect for all Ages 7+ and up to 70kg Load

H6 Eco Hoverboard:  Our this model is a high-tech, hassle-free Hoverboard that offers the ultimate riding experience regardless of age or skill level. When put head to head with even the most expensive Hoverboard brands, the H6 has been rated #1 in both safety & durability. The hypersensitive gyro-sensors with START-UP Balance 2.0 make it an excellent choice for smaller riders while enabling it to turn on a dime for full-sized riders (unlike other brands with a lag in responsiveness causing the rider to fall off). Zoom effortlessly indoors & out across all types of flat terrain and integrated LED lights, LED wheels & Bluetooth 4.0 so you can pump your music & light up the night as you ride!

Assisted Balance Technology

This user-friendly hoverboard allows for quick and easy mounting by automatically balancing upright when powered on and helps in maintaining the balance for all age groups and weight group people together with the use of a 5th Generation Intelligent control panel for a super smooth ride.

Built for Kids & Adults

Step on and you will instantly notice the super smooth acceleration & stability you won’t find anywhere else. Our balance technology makes it easier than ever to get on/off and most beginners learn how to ride in just 10-15 minutes.

Play music while riding!

UPGRADED BLUETOOTH STEREO SPEAKERS FOR FREE! Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 provides an instant connection to your phone so you can blast music while cruising the neighborhood.

Outlast the Competition

We only use the latest generation high-capacity Lithium-ion battery packs with built-in overcharge protection. The majority of Hoverboards use cheap battery cells that often need costly replacement, while ours can be safely charged.


WEIGHT: 9 kg

DIMENSIONS: 65 × 23 × 23 cm


CONTROL BOARD: Fifth Generation Super Intelligent Control Panel with US based ST Chipsets – Auto Balance

BATTERY: 79.3wh

MOTOR: 150W x 2 Dual Motors

TYRE: 6.5" Solid Rubber Tubeless Tyre

WARRANTY: 90 Days (Battery Warranty Only)


MAXIMUM SPEED: 12km/h (As per user weight)









MATERIAL: Internal Metal Frame + ABS Plastic Body Shell


DELIVERY TIME: Ready Stock – Same Day Quick Dispatch (check shipping policy)

BOX SIZE: 250x665x260


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